Vivienne Okey-Ngene


In every sphere of life, music plays a major role. It rejuvenates our minds and provides us with pleasure in our social life. The benefits of music cannot be overemphasized. From the cradle, every person experiences music in varying ways and degrees that excites the mind throughout one's lifetime. It is true that some 150 years ago, people only listened to the music emanating from their tribe and culture. In the modern-day, what would seem as incredible to our forefathers makes good music. The paper uses analytical research method, approached from the survey, and descriptive angles, to educate readers on music tourism and how best to utilize its potential and tremendous benefits; to highlight the impact of music on tourism in other words how music affects tourism, bearing in mind that there are economic, social and cultural implications to be considered and more so how music contributes to modern-day tourism. This paper will also open up the minds of music educators in Nigeria as to the abundance of musical instruments and musical performances of different cultures yet to be explored and appreciated by Nigerian students by going through a tour of world music. The paper concludes by recommending that Music departments in Nigerian Universities organize periodic tours for their students to other countries of interest to explore and experience first-hand all they have been taught in theory and indeed witness the sights and sounds of these countries for greater inspiration and interest in music.


Keywords: Music, tourism, modern-day, tourism activities, world music.

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