Kenneth Anosike Opara, Eunice U. Ibekwe (PhD)


Music is known to serve different purposes for different people and communities and the diversity in the use of music could not be stretched beyond elasticity. Therefore, the use or making of music by different communities in Africa could either be for festivals, ceremonies, religious worship, traditional marriage, funeral ceremonies and other numerous events and activities. The youths of the Umuaro community in Ihitte oha village Mbutu of Aboh Mbaise Local government area of Imo state is known to use music as a drive or motivation in their various services to the community. When the occasion demands it, they get themselves organized to render different types of service for community development while employing the use of music. This study, therefore, is about the Socio-Cultural Relevance of Umuaro Youths Music in Community Services in Mbutu, Mbaise.It attempts to highlight different occasions during which the services of the youths are required. It is relevant to show the contribution of youths in facilitating the developmental pace of a community and also their role in making social activities more enjoyable. In eliciting information and data collection for this work, the research involves the use of a qualitative method which includes oral interview, observation and literature review. During the investigations, it was discovered that music undoubtedly facilitates the developmental pace of communities. As regards Umuaro youths, it is noteworthy to say that majority of them resides in urban areas or outside the community apparently in search of greener pastures and this has led those within the community to have an exorbitant list of demands on beneficiaries of their services. It is recommended amongst others that youths should gear their efforts towards involvement in useful and productive activities for community development.


Keywords: Umuaro youths music, Community service, Socio-cultural services, Mbutu Mbaise.


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