Peter O. Onyemaechi Okojih


Music as a spiritual upliftment has been in existence since ancient times. It is an art form and a universal gift. It is credited to Jubal the father of musical instruments. As a necessary aspect of worship, the Anglican Diocese of Asaba has experienced unprecedented growth both in spiritual and numerical strength. As the power of music remains irresistible in soul winning, this article is to emphasize the importance of music in the uplifting of souls of worshipers within the study area. This publication made use of the qualitative research approach and content analysis is used throughout this article. The means or method of data collection made use of one on one oral interviews and focus group discussions. The findings were drawn from the analysis of resource materials and the discussion of participants. The result of the research finding indicated that music is a branch of Christian Worship that influences the lives of the congregation of the children of God. The conclusion and recommendation are made based on the research findings.


Keywords: Music, Worship, Spiritual upliftment, Anglican Diocese of Asaba.

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