Jacinta Chinemerem Nwadinobi


The youth are the future of any organization they find themselves in. Therefore every organisation that has the youths in it must not take their presence for granted but must do everything possible to make sure they remain in that organisation. The Catholic Archdiocese of Owerri is an organisation and must strive to keep its youth for the sake of the future. Since the Catholic Church is known for its calm music and the youth of this generation are attracted to hot music, in order for the Catholic Church to make sure they value what they have as well, music is one of the ways to keep the youths and make them value what they have. This is because music is not only about an organized sound but can be used for communication. Evangelism on the other side is not only done when preached but can use other social means. The researcher used some books by other authors to support her work and findings. Music is food for the soul which lifts up the spirit into doing great things. When the youths are evangelized with this food of the spirit, called music, it would help the youth understand the lyrics of the music, appreciate every music whether hot or calm, thereby being close to God, understand the doctrines of the Catholic Church and being useful to themselves and the society. When music is used right to evangelize the youth, all these written above will be achieved, everyone would be happy.


Keywords: Music, Evangelism, Youths and Catholic Archdiocese of Owerri.

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