Samuel Oluchi Nwobi, Ebele V. Ojukwu (PhD)


Most students love playing musical instruments and they see it as fun but a majority of these students shy away from choosing trumpet as their choice of an instrument because of the seemingly wrong impression they have that trumpet is very difficult to learn. This can be attributed to the traditional method employed in the teaching and learning of trumpets over the years. Studies have shown that the cognitive abilities of the students grow and expand longer when they study with a simplified method. Through an active and more simplified teaching method that is student-centred,the researchers of this study investigated students' participation in trumpet learning at Austica Memorial Collage, Nanka, Anambra State. This research further adapted a unique method of teaching the trumpet with a dual concept of formal and informal teaching methods. The study also suggested that basic skills and disciplines be adopted towards instrumental music performance. It was found out that when the students understand the fundamentals of playing the trumpet, learning becomes easy thereby giving them self-reliance in trumpet learning. The study recommended that students should always be given time for personal practice and the opportunity to express themselves since this can lead to creativity and improvisation.


Keywords: Trumpet, Simplified method, Teaching and learning, Austica Memorial College, Nanka.

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