Bernadette C. Ugochukwu (PhD)


That human activity that expresses human feelings is the 'Art'. It existed even before human creation which man puts into action as he develops. Art expresses thoughts, dreams, and hope in the form of dance, music, drawing, poem, song and drama. The primitive man as was told in human history communicated with the gods and spirits in some rituals through Art which he imitated so well. Dance is believed to be the oldest form of Art that existed through man's imitativeness of the objects he saw while in his daily work/duty. The dance itself cannot exist without the act of music and song. The man also drew and painted whatever he also saw. This piece of work is to bring to knowledge that Art came, existed and developed Man, hence the Art Origination with human existence and development.


Keywords: Art, origination, human existence, development.

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