Isaac E. Udoh, PhD


Music, be it traditional, neo-traditional, popular or academic, runs through the hands of many in form of composition, performance, musicology, music technology and ethnomusicology. The difference is always clear depending on how it is handled. There are quacks and professionals, but the beauty lies in the proper handling of it and its production. Agatha Onwuekwe is an outstanding academic musician and composer who has proven to the world that she is a living music legend. Qualitative method, historical approach and other extant literary materials were used in the research. This paper seeks to discuss and document the outstanding achievements of a committed academic who has made it to the top creditably in her chosen career, music. Discussing the achievement of this great musical icon will ginger many to wake up from their sleep and slumber, and seek to fulfil their passion and calling on earth in any chosen profession.

Keywords: Music, legend, achievement, motivation, and goal-setting.

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Profile of Prof. Agatha Onwuekwe.

The Holy Bible. King James Version (KJV).



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